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★ Easy Peasy Potato Salad

This is one version of #potato salad which is tasty, pretty quick and simple to prepare. Start off by boiling potatoes to your desired texture while preparing your other ingredients for the #salad. I prefer freshly fried bacon bits so I will prepare some bacon to fry them till nice and crispy then set aside. Once the potatoes are cooked and while they are hot, you may add some butter, sea salt, black pepper and give it a mix. After it has cooled down a little, add the rest of the ingredients which you would like in your salad and Kewpie mayonnaise then mix it all together. I usually like to save some extra bacon bits to top it off and voila! You may skip the butter or mayonnaise if you find it too heavy for your liking too. Also, these are some optional ingredients which you can try adding to the salad according to your preference too:


Cherry tomato


Hard boiled egg

Spring onion


If it is your first try, go easy on the condiments and taste as you mix and add more if needed. It is hard to fail this one. Last but not least, have fun experimenting with different versions!

Ingredients used:








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