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★ Easy Fresh Strawberries Yakult Drink

Do you like drinking Yakult too but sometimes feel like one bottle is just not enough. This concoction requires mixing Yakult with some mashed up #fresh strawberries and voilà! If you are not sure what amount to use, I usually use 5 or 6 small to medium sized strawberries with 2 bottles of Yakult and some ice cubes to have a glass 3/4 full. As Yakult itself is sweet, I will use 1 Yakult Original plus 1 Yakult Ace Lite and I do not add any additional sugar to the drink. I also do not add water as the ice will dilute the drink a little too and it is just right for me but do adjust according to your own taste.

To get started, wash the #strawberries and remove the stem and leaves portion then start mashing them up with a fork until it looks like jam. It would be much easier if you had a potato masher but a fork does the work too. Next, add in the ice and #Yakult, then give it a stir to mix everything up. You might also want to use a #bubble tea size straw for your drink as there will be some small chunks of fruit which you can easily suck up while drinking and there you go! Makes a pretty drink for the gram too! Enjoy!

Ingredients used in this recipe:

5 fresh strawberries

5 ice cubes

1 bottle Yakult Original

1 bottle Yakult Ace Lite

Nevertheless, if you are wondering, #Yakult goes well with other fruit juices like #watermelon, #orange, #apple and even #lemon too!


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