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D’Resort@Downtown East * Singapore

Have any of you been to D’Resort@Downtown East since the place was renovated? Previously it used to be just chalets and barbeque pits. I booked a room online just hours before I was back from Cairns and I headed straight to the resort from the airport for my staycation. I was surprised at how the place has changed so much after renovation. They have rooms for almost all occasions from family rooms to luxurious suites. Whether you are planning a small get-together, having a family gathering or maybe just being random like me, probably worth considering plus there are lots to do at Downtown East. In fact, I am sure some tourists would love the place! In my personal experience, the room I stayed in was well maintained, there were complimentary toiletries, mineral water and bedroom slippers provided. There was even a capsule coffee machine with complimentary coffee too! Overall, I had a good stay and would say it is probably even better than some of the four stars hotels out there? I was surprised too, considering the fact that the price is more reasonable than booking a chalet comparing with those days back then. I did not take many photos but you have an idea:


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